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 Telecom BTS Site Sector
» Intelligent Power Management Unit
» Auto BTS Site Manager
» Auto BTS Site Alarm Manager
» Aviation Warning Lamp
» DC Energy Meter 4 channel version
» Alarm PFC Expander
» Fire Alarm
 Railway Sector
» LED based Train information displays
» GPS based clock
» GPS based In-Train Location display system
» LED Signal Aspects(Main Signal) for railway applications
 Defence Sector
» Handled Cable Tester
» Fiber optic voice,data, telemetry links
» Universal Multiplex
» PCI bus based GPS time Synchronizer
» Synchronized IRIG Time Code Reader / Generator
» Contactless Smart Card Based Passenger Control System
» Vehicle Fleet Tracking Software ViewWay: GPS, GPRS, WebServer based
   GPS Based In-Train Location Display System  
The GPS based location display works on the principle of GPS (Global Positioning System).it gives following information to passenger.
  • Present station name.
  • Next coming station name.
  • Distance to next station.
  • General messages.
All these information are displayed in regional and national languages.

GPS Receiver:

Frequency – L1, 1575.42 M Hz
Channels – 16
Supply Current – 27mA @ 3.3V (Continuous mode)
Power consumption – 511mW (Continuous mode)
Reacquisition time – 0.1 seconds


MAR-25 Active GPS Antenna of Radome type
Cable harness – RG58 double shield low loss
Connector – BNC male 180degree
Manet mount – 13mm tread mount
Waterproof – Silicon filled


LED Matrix for SINGLE line – 16X96
No. of lines per board – 1 line
Pitch – 7.5mm
LED – SMD type
LED size – 3mm X 1.6mm X 1.2mm
Color – Red
Languages Displayed – Total 4 languages are displayed. English, Hindi and Oriya/Telugu (depending on the location of the train)
Operating Temperature – 0 to 70 degrees C

Power Supply

            Input:   110Vdc is supplied from the coach.

           Mechanical details:
            The mechanical dimension of the unit is 191mm X 778mm X 77mm.
            The case material is Galvanized Iron structure of 16 SWG.

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